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  • Posted on: 3 March 2017
  • By: MII

What is Media Island International?

Media Island International is a resource and networking center for individuals, organizations, and movements working on Social Justice, Economic Democracy, Ecological Sustainability, and Peace. We gather, evaluate, and distribute underpublished information on critical issues at strategic times.

Media Island (MII) is a non-profit educational organization, registered under IRS Code 501(c)3. Over its 30 years, MII has fiscally sponsored scores of projects and organizations whose activities serve issues related to our mission of social justice, ecological sustainability, economic democracy and peace.

We host a registered public library that concentrates and specializes in often hard to find information serving movements involved in front-line struggles on these issues.

MII is the home of KOWA 106.5 Low-Power FM Radio, which, throughout it's years, has broadcast critical information about social and ecological justice news and information, in addition to cutting-edge locally-produced public affairs, arts and cultural content 24-7, and streams online via

MII had formerly provided office space for vital community organizations, including South Puget Environmental Education Clearinghouse and the Alliance For Global Justice, and currently is looking for new organizational affiliates who may want to rent a small modest office space in the facility.

Media Island provides and open lounge, venue, and kitchen space for community meetings and special events.

MII has hosted meeting space for many organizations over the years, and currently is honored to hold space currently for these orgs: Women of Color in Leadership, Old Growth Poetry Collective, and Prisoner Letter Writing. We are open to & have room in the schedule for hosting other groups who share our mission and may need a centrally located place to meet regularly. Please contact us for more information if your group may be interested. We have a bi-weekly core member meeting every other Monday evening at 7:00 PM to make decisions on operations, programs and special uses of Media Island's facilities.

CONTACT INFORMATION:, (360) 352-8526
(email is best at this time.)

What is Media Island International's vision?

We live in critical times.

No longer can we avoid our responsibilities to each
other and to the planet. The opportunity for the evolution of a more inclusive, ecological, and international civil society lies before us. At Media Island International we believe individuals will take these steps when given access to the whole story.

How do you see this vision fulfilled?

Understanding that people's access to information is limited by corporate ownership and control of most communication outlets, MII is dedicated to provide access to alternative media and first-hand sources of information regionally, nationally, and internationally.

MII is committed to collecting, processing, and distributing crucial information addressing the social justice, economic democracy, ecological sustainability and peace issues that we all collectively face.

What is a resource and networking center?

At Media Island's resource and networking center we provide tools to make individuals voice heard and resources to strengthen that voice. Media Island's center is host to a variety of meetings, workshops and speakers to help educate and network our communities. People are welcome to stop in browse, socialize, plan, compute, watch a video or just sit down and enjoy a hot beverage.

In addition to the books, CDs and videos that are available at the library, we also have zines, magazines, newspapers, a wide variety of information from many campaigns and struggles locally, regionally continentally and worldwide. Many of these materials are available at the Infoshop on the front porch, and are available in our library.

Our Issue based research archive is held in numerous filing cabinets and holds materials dredged up over decades of Social Justice, Economic Democracy, Ecological Sustainability, and Peace campaigning. To broaden the distribution of important information, volunteers strive to publish information packets at critical times to provide a more complete picture of current events. Anyone interested in making information accessible should plug in.

The library and Infoshop are maintained through the hard work and dedication of members of the Media Island Collective and the community. None of the volunteers are paid and all donations to the library go towards maintaining the space and expanding the collection. Without the support of the community the library would not be possible. If you find this space valuable in any way please help support us.

We are working to reestablish public open house hours but currently are available via request and reservation, and very much depends on volunteer energy. Access phone numbers are posted on the front door. Visit the info-porch during open house hours.

The Back Story of Media Island

Media Island International (MII) was started in 1984 by a group of dedicated activists with a desire to spread under-published information on critical issues ignored by the mainstream media. For many years, MII accomplished this goal by reprinting and distributing articles from alternative publications as well as information and news gained from direct contact with those working on the issues.

Understanding that access to information is limited by corporate ownership and control of most communication outlets, MII dedicated itself to distributing alternative media and developing relations with first-hand sources of information locally, nationally and internationally. This deepened our involvement with people working on under-reported and critical environmental, indigenous, peace, and social justice issues such as:

* Black Mesa/ Big Mountain: Native Americans challenging forced relocation.
* Leonard Peltier: Internationally recognized as U.S. political prisoner.
* Lyle Point: native fishing and burial site on Columbia River threatened by development.
* Chiapas, Mexico: Mayans suffering militarization and violence call for help from international civil society to achieve autonomy, justice and peace with dignity.
* Grass Lake, Allison and McAllister Springs, Rolling Fields, and Long Lake campaigns: Citizen activists working on local pressing environmental, public health and growth management issues. Our volunteer staff aided in developing lawsuits against developers, networking individuals and groups of interest to specific issues, and doing educational campaigns. Our work directly aided drinking water source protection and pesticide education, the preserving of wetlands, and curbing urban sprawl through the creation of public parks.
And many others...

816 Adams Street
Olympia, Washington, Cascadia 98501
(Across the street from the Olympia Timberland library)