Oly Town Hall On Policing

OCT 14, 7PM, Oly Town Hall On Policing
Traditions Fair Trade 300 5th Ave SW, Olympia, Washington 98501

Join other citizens in working towards a more accountable police department. No outside experts on board -- You will be the experts. Bring your ideas and your energy. Every idea will go up on the board for everyone to consider. We'll end with an action plan and a work force to see it through. Realize there may be a lot of outpouring of emotions. This is common when people have not had an opportunity to share their feelings.

24 hour 'Zine Challenge!

Starting Saturday, July 11, at 2pm at the Olympia Timberland Library is the 24 hour 'Zine Challenge! It goes at the library until 8pm and then it moves to Media Island all night till 2pm Sunday! Historically 'zinesters have been ''challenged'' at these events to make a whole new 'zine start to finish in the one 24 hour period, but we're not that strict. We simply want to hangout all night listening to music, drinking coffee, eating snacks and of course working on 'zines!

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