ACLU and NCLC File Lawsuit Against US Department of Education Over Failure to Disclose Debt Collection Practice Data


The American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of Massachusetts, and National Consumer Law Center today filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education seeking details about the agency’s debt collection policies and the potential impact on borrowers of color.

The ACLU and NCLC filed the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Boston charging the agency failed to fully disclose critical information related to the Education Department’s oversight of the private companies collecting on federal student loans. on the visit of Japan’s Prime Minister to the U.S.

Starting tomorrow, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be visiting the United States to attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. This occasion underscores the persistent need for groups such as to highlight the role that Japan has played in encouraging  the development of coal-fired and nuclear power plants both within and beyond its borders.

If the FBI Doesn’t Tell Apple How They Hacked the San Bernardino iPhone, They're Putting Lives at Risk

Fight for the Future

Following public outcry about the dangers of government-mandated backdoors, the FBI backed down and opened the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone without Apple’s help. If they really care about public safety, they must disclose the vulnerability they used to Apple to prevent criminals, hackers, and terrorists from exploiting the same security flaw and using it to do harm.

Federal Trade Commission Sues Volkswagen for False Advertising over “Clean Diesel” Campaign

Sierra Club

Today, the Federal Trade Commission filed to sue Volkswagen for fraudulent advertising as a result of the diesel engine emissions scandal that came to light six months ago.

The commission is seeking "permanent injunctive relief, rescission, restitution, the refund of monies paid, disgorgement of ill-gotten monies, and other equitable relief," according to the lawsuit, after "consumers suffered billions of dollars in injury."

Jailing Blankenship Is the Right Thing to Do

Public Citizen

Statement of Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen

Note: Today, prosecutors recommended the maximum jail time, one year, for former Massey Energy executive Don Blankenship, who was chief executive officer when an explosion killed 29 workers. Blankenship was found guilty of conspiring to violate safety standards.

Women’s Group Demands Trump Fire Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski Over Battery Charges


Earlier today, Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, was charged with misdemeanor battery by Florida police after Lewandowski forcefully grabbed Michelle Fields, a 28-year old Breitbart News Reporter at a press conference earlier this month at Trump National Golf Course.

Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, a national women’s advocacy organization issued the following statement calling on Trump to fire Lewandowski saying that no candidate for President should ever employ someone charged with battery:

NARAL Calls for Trump Campaign Manager to Step Aside, Assist With Police Investigation

NARAL Pro-Choice America

With police in Florida filing battery charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, NARAL Pro-Choice America called for Trump to place Lewandowski on leave and to cooperate with law enforcement. Along with the charges against Lewandowski, police in Jupiter, FL, released new video evidence clearly showing Trump’s campaign manager grabbing a female reporter and yanking her away from the candidate as she was attempting to ask a question.

Study of Pavillion, WY Confirms What the EPA Knew Years Ago: Fracking Contaminates Drinking Water

Food & Water Watch

“This study echoes what hundreds of other scientific investigations across the nation have already shown: drilling and fracking contaminates drinking water. Had the EPA finalized its own study with similar findings on Pavillion years ago, we might have already turned the corner toward a clean energy future. But sadly the EPA continues to look the other way, much to the delight of the oil and gas industry. It’s time for the Obama Administration to deal with reality and address contamination from fracking in places like Pavillion, Wyoming, Dimock, Pennsylvania, and Parker County, Texas.”

Senate's Obstruction Could Cost Taxpayers, Litigants

Common Cause

Statement by Stephen Spaulding, Common Cause Legal Director and Senior Policy Counsel


Today’s Supreme Court deadlock in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association demonstrates how the obstructionist tactics of Sen. McConnell and his allies risk wasting time and money for litigants and taxpayers for the next year, and perhaps longer. We are almost certain to see more such 4-4 splits unless the Senate does its job on the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland. This is the second 4-4 split decision in the past seven days.


Historic Petition Urges Obama to Halt All New Offshore Fossil Fuel Leases

Center for Biological Diversity

More than 45 climate, conservation, indigenous and coastal organizations representing the major coastal regions of the United States filed a legal petition today calling on President Obama to align U.S. energy policy with his climate goals by issuing an executive order to end new oil and gas lease auctions in federally controlled oceans — including the Arctic, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Nigerians Overwhelmingly Reject Monsanto’s Risky GM Maize and Cotton

Health of Mother Earth Foundation

More than 100 groups representing over 5 million Nigerians, comprising of farmers, faith-based organisations, civil society groups, students and local community groups, are vehemently opposing Monsanto’s attempts to introduce genetically modified (GM) cotton and maize into Nigeria’s food and farming systems. In written objections submitted to the biosafety regulators, the groups have cited numerous serious health and environmental concerns and the failure of these crops especially GM cotton in Africa.

Working Families Poised to Take Fight-Back Against Wealthy Special Interests’ Agenda, Exposed in Friedrichs and SCOTUS Fight, to Polls in November

Nation's Public Unions

In issuing a 4-4 opinion in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, the U.S. Supreme Court today rejected an attempt by wealthy special interests to restrict opportunities for America’s teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses and others who provide our vital services for our communities to have a voice at work and join together to build a better future for their families. The result in Friedrichs is meaningful for millions of families across the country, as it is a rebuke against this well-funded attack on workers’ voice and ability to join together.