Europa, Italia: 1 marzo 2016 sciopero sociale

contro l'Europa dei fili spinati che non vuole più immigrati
Anche quest'anno il primo marzo è lo sciopero dei migranti e di tutti i lavoratori e tutte le lavoratrici che vorranno e potranno essere solidali nell'unità di classe, nell'unità della lotta e dei diritti in Italia e in Europa.

Urbino (PU): Il secolo dei genocidi

ciclo di incontri
i crimini perpetrati nei territori della ex Yugoslavia e la guerra etnica che ha sconvolto i Balcani. :Un genocidio così vicino da non essere considerato

Pesaro: Libri Migranti

presentazione del libro di Melita Richter
Lunedì 22 febbraio, ore 18,30, presso Libreria Il Catalogo, via Castelfidardo 60.

Trieste: rompiamo il muro del silenzio!

Fermiamo il genocidio dei Curdi!
A seguire presidio informativo dalle 17 in piazza Cavana

Call for messages from organised women to be published in Anarchist Newspaper Meydan

Call for messages from organised women to be published in Anarchist Newspaper Meydan (distributed in Turkey and North Kurdistan)
Dear Comrades,
The next issue of our monthly anarchist newspaper Meydan is going to be prepared by Anarchist Women only, as for all March issues. In this issue, we are going to focus on the systematic violence against women, on this violence becoming a state policy and we are going to talk about being a woman in war conditions that we are currently in.

The massacres in the North of Kurdistan has been steadily increasing especially since August, and these war conditions bring about many cases in which the women are used as tool for the war. As seen in many wars throughout history, women are forced to migrate from the lands that are looted by war in our geography. Women are faced with rapes, tortures, they are massacred and their slayed bodies exposed on the streets, "completely naked".

Αγροτικές κινητοποιήσεις

Οι μικροί και μεσαίοι αγρότες πρέπει να κερδίσουμε. Για την αξιοπρέπεια του λαού μας, για τους ανέργους και χιλιάδες άγρια εκμεταλλευόμενους εργαζομένους, για τους μετανάστες που δουλεύουν στα κάτεργα της Μανωλάδας, για τους πρόσφυγες που πνίγονται στο Αιγαίο.

Palestine-Israel, The eleven years joint struggle in Bil'in as a seed for the third youth intifada.*

Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asara, Nebi Saleh, Qaddum, Shikh Jarrah and the South of Hebron Hills
At the beginning, the joint struggle in Bil'in of the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall with the local activists differed only with a consisted Fridays direct actions against the construction of the separation fence. The Israeli state response was a prolonged effort to block the participation of the Israeli activists that failed due to geographic conditions, persistence of the Israeli activists, and our ingenuity. One of the restricting factors on the suppression efforts of the state forces was wide spread sympathy for these demos in the Israeli media, and public. In a desperate efforts the army sent covert agents to initiate stone throwing from the demo on the state force. After a long while they succeeded. Youngsters of the village got into the stone throwing habit. For years it was all over the media and contributed to the stone throwing culture of the Palestinian youth. This was a significant contributor factor to the already 4 months old "Children Intifada".

Why elections fail to bring about real change

the 10 filters that make them ineffective for the radical left
Why can’t the 99% simply vote in a government that acts in their interest and not that of the 1%

At a simple level parliamentary elections sound like the ideal way for the mass of the ‘have nots’ to use their numbers to overcome the power and influences of the tiny number of have’s. Occupy talked about this division in the language of the 1% and 99%; a crude approximation that does reflect a reality where the number of wealthy decision makers is actually very tiny, indeed less than 1%. So, why can’t the 99% simply vote in a government that acts in their interest and not that of the 1%?

Ένα Αλλιώτικο Σχολείο

Το "Μικρό Δέντρο που θα γινει δάσος", είναι ένα παιδαγωγικό εγχείρημα που δημιουργήθηκε με σκοπό να προάγει την ελευθερία και τη βιωματική μάθηση. Ξεκίνησε τη λειτουργία του τον Ιανουάριο του 2014 και το "δάσος" του βρίσκεται στην περιοχή Κρυονερίου της Θεσσαλονίκης. Θελήσαμε να μάθουμε περισσότερα για αυτό το αλλιώτικο σχολείο κι έτσι κάναμε την παρακάτω συζήτηση.

[Colombia] Maricas o No

En los últimos dos días la noticia que ha conmocionado al país es la de una supuesta red de prostitución masculina en el seno de la Policía Nacional y que cuenta con la participación de altos funcionarios públicos. Esto gracias a la divulgación de un vídeo que hace parte del corpus de pruebas que la Procuraduría General ha construido para iniciar un proceso en la Fiscalía a los funcionarios implicados. El asunto se ha convertido es un circo mediático completo.

ZACF Reply to the Misrepresentation of the ZACF by American Journalists and on the Schmidt Affair

19th February 2016

The following is the official statement of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) of South Africa on the controversy that erupted around Michael Schmidt, a South African activist, several months ago. It follows a careful collective discussion process and research and comes several weeks after the last installment in a series of articles claiming to be an expose of Schmidt. As we are also committed to a number of ongoing workshops, activities and publications, our time was limited. It has two main aims: to outline our position on the claims made for, and against, Schmidt, and to respond to a number of false statements that have been made about the ZACF in the course of the developing Schmidt affair.

The statement opens with an executive summary, followed by a much more extensive discussion.

The statement was collectively crafted and issued by the ZACF:

Questions and requests for comment should be addressed to with a clearly-identifiable subject line (Please note that we will not be responding to questions, queries or claims from people using pseudonyms or otherwise concealing their identities. Organisational affiliation, if any, should please be stated).

* Please note that a much earlier draft seems to have leaked online, labelled “Consolidated ZACF statement v18.docx” at 84kb, dated 22 December 2015. Our documents go through a process of collective writing and criticism and fact-checking, so THIS version (the one you are reading now) is the correct one, with significant changes from earlier versions. All previous drafts are made null-and-void by this final version and have no standing whatsoever, and we will not enter into discussion of such drafts.

Declaración VIII Asamblea Semestral de Proyección // Enero de 2016

Hace cerca de 4 años empezamos a reunirnos un pequeño grupo de estudiantes libertarias con varios sueños, esperanzas, miedos, preguntas y propuestas, para conformar un nuevo referente organizativo que aglutinara la gesta por una nueva educación desde la larga tradición de la lucha del movimiento estudiantil en el país, que no en vano se ha saldado con decenas de compañeras perseguidas, heridas, desaparecidas y asesinadas. Veníamos con altas ganas de trabajar luego del paro nacional universitario del 2011 que logró ponerle freno momentáneamente a la arremetida neoliberal del presidente Santos a través del Ministerio de Educación, pero también, en medio de edificios bloqueados y calles colmadas, planteábamos la necesidad de poner en práctica una educación libertaria y popular a través de diferentes espacios de construcción social, con nuestras compañeras y también con aquellas que se encuentran fuera de las universidades, en miras a construir sobre lo que se va destruyendo.

The Insurgent Kingdom of God: On The Politics of Zealot (2013)

Reza Aslan's Zealot (2013) presents the ways in which the life of Jesus of Nazareth was “revised” ex post facto by the Gospel-writers or evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and how it was that Rome's suppression of the Jewish Revolt of 66 C.E. catalyzed the very writing of the Gospels (70-120 C.E.) and the propagation throughout the Greco-Roman Diaspora of the revisionist views of Saul (Paul) of Tarsus, which stressed the divinity of Jesus while attempting to reconcile or downplay the prophet's political revolutionism, directed against Rome and the Jewish ruling class, as summarized in the Kingdom of God he proclaimed. Aslan provides many historical correctives both to the presentation of the Gospels and the dogma institutionalized by the various Christian churches, yet his own account of Jesus as Zealot would likely be improved by engagement with Christian anarchist thinkers such as Leo Tolstoy.

Αλληλεγγύη στους αρνητές στράτευσης

Δύο προκηρύξεις-καλέσματα
Την Τετάρτη 25 Φεβρουαρίου, εκδικάζεται στη Θεσσαλονίκη, σε δεύτερο βαθμό, η υπόθεση του ολικού αρνητή στράτευσης, Μιχάλη Τόλη. Το Αναθεωρητικό Στρατοδικείο της Θεσσαλονίκης θα αποφασίσει για τις 2 εφέσεις που ακολούθησαν τις 2 πρωτόδικες καταδίκες του για το ίδιο αδίκημα. Το Στρατοδικείο του Μιχάλη Τόλη δεν αποτελεί απλά ένα δικαστικό ζήτημα ενός μεμονωμένου ανθρώπου με τις ένοπλες δυνάμεις, αλλά ένα καθόλα πολιτικό ζήτημα, το οποίο ξεπερνάει τις όποιες αποχρώσεις των εκάστοτε κυβερνήσεων και αποτελεί μέρος της πάλης της τάξης μας με το κράτος και με τους σάπιους θεσμούς που το ενσαρκώνουν.
Εκφράζουμε την αλληλεγγύη μας στον Μιχάλη Τόλη και σε όλους τους αρνητές στράτευσης που βρίσκονται στο στόχαστρο δικαστικών, στρατιωτικών και κρατικών θεσμών. Ο αγώνας τους είναι αγώνας όλης της τάξης μας.