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"Never Can I Write of Damascus", Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 9:25pm
Author talk at the Evanston Public Library. The authors recount how they ended up in Damascus, Syria preparing Iraqi students for a free liberal arts education in the United States. With little more than Gabe's social security income, a desire to make some act of reparation for what the United Stated had done to Iraq, and Theresa's unbounded optimism and creative energy, they inspired 60 universities from the United States to offer tuition wavers and scholarships for the students. They talk about how they prepared the students to succeed in the US educational culture and the importance of the community support groups that were organized for each student. They speak of why they first traveled to Iraq in defiance of the State Departments ban on exporting candy, toys and medicine to Iraq, following the first Gulf War. The program starts with Theresa's song "Going to Iraq"

Furious George Show: Trumpacolypse Now: F' IT, DO IT LIVE, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 8:03pm
HERE is the show where we say, "FUCK IT, DO IT LIVE" with this good-riddance special to Bill O'Riley. George Carlin starts us off, we get to Guess Where Bill is Going (hint: to Hell), Trev Noah shreds, Old Colbert returns to Send Bill off (to Hell), "What does that mean, the end of the show?"

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox: Ray Light Sheds Light on the Evil Empire, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 6:02pm
SUBJECT: Latest US attack on Syria The Rise of Fascism in the US Reichstag Warning for Today How the DNC is falling further right Ray Light is the General Secretary of the Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA (ROL, USA)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox: US Empire Myth-Busting on N. Korea, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 5:57pm
Guest: Brian Becker TOPIC: Truth about N. Korea (DPRK)

Latin Waves : interviews Dr Darren Lund, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 2:38pm
Dr. Lund is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary, where his research examines social justice activism in schools and communities. Since the 1980s Darren has published over 230 articles, poems, books, and book chapters; his most recent books are co-edited with Dr. Paul Carr: He speaks about his most recent book The Great White North? Exploring Whiteness, Privilege and Identity in Education Dr Lund has a frank discussion about the challenges of teaching privilege to students who can t even recognize their own privilege, he speaks about the need to problematize the classroom taking take students out of their comfort zones.

State Of The City reports: US Army whistleblower says Arab Spring was a RAND Corporation 'product', Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 12:43pm

!earshot 20: !earshot 20 - April 21, 2017, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 12:25pm
Anthony Enman & Brian Cleveland count down the Top 20 albums charting across Canada this week from earshot-online.com, chat with James Mullinger, take a look at music news with Calum Slingerland of Exclaim!, and much more.

!earshot 20: !earshot 20 - April 21, 2017, Segment 2

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 12:25pm
Anthony Enman & Brian Cleveland count down the Top 20 albums charting across Canada this week from earshot-online.com, chat with James Mullinger, take a look at music news with Calum Slingerland of Exclaim!, and much more.

BCFM Drivetime: Tories announce snap UK general election for 8th June 2017, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 12:13pm

Celt In A Twist Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour: Celt In A Twist April 23 2017, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 10:38am
The Led Farmers, The Breath, The Jerry Cans, The Town Pants, The Afro Celts, The Best in contemporary Celtic!

worldbeatcanada radio: worldbeatcanada radio april 22 2017, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 10:33am
Cuban Canadian releases fr. Battle Of Santiago AND new Alex Cuba, ragamuffins Auresia AND Nattalie Rize & check the Sextones!

As pot legalization shows, the path to social change is winding

Rabble.ca/ - 21 April 2017 - 7:57am
Politics in Canada

Deep social change happens so slowly it looks like nothing is happening. Not just over years but decades, maybe longer. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. Then WHAM. The imminent legalization of (nonmedical) marijuana is a perfect example. Its perfectness even has a generational, father to son, symmetry.

Back in 1969 the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau appointed a royal commission to recommend policy on marijuana. Its head was a future Supreme Court justice. They heard hundreds of witnesses, including John Lennon, and in 1973 reported. Two of the three members recommended decriminalization for possession and cultivation; the third supported legalization. No one suggested keeping it criminal. It must have been what Trudeau wanted. You always select people knowing what they'll give you. Then nothing, nothing, nothing -- till the son.

Why finally now? Who knows? But that's how it goes: there is social ferment yet no official policy or law reflects it. You feel it's hopeless. Then it bursts forth whole. Too bad for devotees of the cause who died in the interim.

In the same era, the 1960s, came the sexual revolution. It questioned heteronormative sex. It was like the drugs, music and political revolutions. Anti-capitalist authorities, such as Herbert Marcuse, theorized about the possibility of "nonrepressive desublimation." Intellectual guru Norman O. Brown advocated "polymorphous perversity" versus uncomplicated (marital only) intercourse.

Then 30 years of nothing. Gary Hart dropped his 1988 Democratic run for president because he was spotted on a sailboat with not-his-wife. In 1998 Bill Clinton was caught having oral sex in the Oval Office (making every word in that phrase sound sexual) with an intern. The sole achievement of his eight years as president was resisting the stigmatization and staying in office. (It seems to me Donald Trump owes Bill Clinton for the fact that his tape didn't cost him victory.)

The official marker for change on this front was same-sex marriage, which became legal nationally in the U.S. in 2015. WHAM, finally.

What about Bill O'Reilly, the mighty mouth at Fox News, who this week was booted for harassment of women working there? Did the Murdochs just find out? I think it's unfortunate that O'Reilly's harassment history got intertwined with Fox's right-wing ideology -- because the very same things have happened for years at other media outlets of all stripes. Women's lives were blighted and careers destroyed at more "liberal" or progressive institutions by behaviour as ugly and sometimes far worse than his including, bien sur, the CBC.

But why now? Nobody knows. It seemed to coalesce at the time of the Jian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby cases two or three years ago. Then, why then? I don't think there's an answer. (Which should make people wary of declaring "causes" of anything, like wars and recessions.) But that's when women who had been fighting these battles for decades began saying they sensed a "sea-change." The lesson is obvious: don't fret about lack of results; just keep on battling.

Personally, I find it regrettable that the arrival of the cannabis legislation hasn't been more celebratory. I know laws are dry things and Parliament a dreary place. Besides, everyone can say they saw it coming. Still, people celebrate birthdays and anniversaries though they're inevitable. Since you never know the precise moment of a WHAM, it should be worth a cheer.

Maybe it's because fighting when the outcome is uncertain, or hopeless, is more fun. Pierre the dad had an insouciance in office that his son lacks. Even 10 years into power, he pirouetted for the cameras behind the Queen's back, as they went into a formal dinner. Meaning what exactly? Maybe: Believe me, all this prestige and rank means nothing, though I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Justin had that before his political ascension: when he called Peter Kent "a piece of shit"; boxed, defying the odds, against Patrick Brazeau; or two years later, said nothing "f---ing matters" in the ring except who you truly are. I'm sure he has his reasons, including the dad he had, but now, over 10 years younger than Pierre was when he pirouetted, he sometimes seems older.

All the more reason to take pride in delivering the knockout blow in the case of pot. He should have learned how long it can take to finish something that's clearly right.

Maybe little Hadrien will get around to electoral reform.

This column was first published in the Toronto Star.

Photo: GoToVan/flickr

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social changemarijuana legalizationpot legalizationsexual harassmentheterosexual relationshipssexual rightsRick SalutinApril 21, 2017For the Internet generation, revolutionary change is nothing to fearThe time is ripe, it seems to me, for assessing the deep change brought by the Internet era. It's ripe because, now, there's a generation grown up entirely within that era.Sexual assault is society's norm. Stop treating Donald Trump as an anomaly.Finally, a call for the mainstream press to take a broader approach to analysing Trump's sexual abuse history.Trudeau to make pot legal while cracking down on impaired drivers and pushersThe Liberal government finally introduced its pot legalization legislation, which contains many law-and-order measures to placate the many who are concerned about the impact of legal dope.

Climate change is one area where anti-science rhetoric and actions are endangering human health and survival

Rabble.ca/ - 21 April 2017 - 6:23am
April 21, 2017March for science, march for Earth Day, march for humanity!Of all the many solutions to global warming and other environmental problems, none is as powerful as people getting together to demand change.

The Sunrise Ocean Bender: (Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 6:08am
Radio / Label / sunriseoceanbender.com / Sunrise Ocean Bender airs in the flesh Thursdays 9-11pm EST on WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond, Virginia / wrir.org. Downloads are for rebroadcast on other non-profit radio stations.

Democracy Now! 2017-04-21 Friday

Democracy Now (English) - 21 April 2017 - 5:00am
Democracy Now! 2017-04-21 Friday
  • Headlines for April 21, 2017
  • As U.S. Preps Arrest Warrant for Assange, Glenn Greenwald Says Prosecuting WikiLeaks Threatens Press Freedom for All
  • Shocking Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia

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The Thunderbolt: TB 170421 The Long Game, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 21 April 2017 - 3:47am
We start off this week’s radio show by pointing out that amongst his other ‘job experience’ is the fact that our president has spent the last twenty years as a character in Doonesbury! Then, we reveal why you really should be freaking out right now. and we bring your attention to some of the lemonade that can be squeezed from the Rump’s lemons. Next — if you can get the picture of ‘squeezing the Rump’s lemons’ out of your head — we point out how all of our short-term activism should be seen through the lens of the ‘long game’ Then, finally, we contemplate whether or not we’re even going to survive this adventure at all. Unvarnished and raw news that you can actually use! Only on the Thunderbolt! Listen at your own risk!

Earth First! Radio News: Earth First! Update - 20 April, 2017, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 20 April 2017 - 8:16pm
Radical, No Compromise Environmental News with an emphasis on Biodiversity and Direct Action

Global Research News Hour: Flashpoints 2017: South China Sea, Yemen and Beyond, Segment 1

Radio 4 All - 20 April 2017 - 7:14pm
This week we conduct a conversation with geopolitical analysts Mahdi Nazemroaya and Professor Radhika Desai on developments in the South China Sea, the One Belt One Road project, and Yemen and examine the larger forces shaping them politically, militarily and economically. We also explore the phenomenon of anti-EU and anti-migrant sentiments as they are presenting themselves in the French elections. Dr. Radhika Desai is Professor at the Department of Political Studies, and Director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group t the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a sociologist, award-winning author and geopolitical analyst who currently teaches at the University of the Philippines. He is the author of The Globalization of NATO, and a Research Associate at the Centre for Research on Globalization.