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March to Stop Raids and Deportations! Stop Attacks on Immigrants February 25th!

  • Posted on: 21 February 2011
  • By: rick

February 25th, 2011

Start: Westlake park (401 pine st)

End: Immigration Court and ICE office (1000 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA)

-We demand an end to deportations!

-We say no to proposed new anti-immigrant laws in Washington state!

-Drivers licenses for all!

-Bring your stories, bring your friends, it's time to speak out!

No to (HB 1272, 1577, 1469) (SB 5138, 5407, 5006, 5335)!

Sponsored By: El Comite Pro-Reforma Migratoria and The May 1st Coalition

Please Join this event on facebook and forward this email onto all your

*****Also, come to a banner making party this Tuesday, February 22nd at
8pm at the CISPES office, 606 Maynard Ave S. #252. Call Chaim for more
information 206.331.1311


Snipers shooting demonstrators marks new level of repression in Oaxaca

  • Posted on: 16 February 2011
  • By: rick


by Scott Campbell
Oaxaca. February 15, 2011

Felipe Calderon came to visit Oaxaca and brought with him more than 150 uniformed federal police. There were snipers stationed on the rooftops of hotels. There were also several army trucks full of either police or military dressed in civilian clothes. Allegedly, after the clashes finished, these individuals set some cars on fire near the second class bus station in an attempt to lure protesters there to be arrested (and of course also to blame the protesters for the act).