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Human rights violations continue in Honduras

This is a fresh update written by Caitlin Roberts on events in Honduras! -Rick

U.S. imperialism is alive and well, this much we know. Here in Honduras,
rifle-bearing soldiers and cops, or perhaps police dressed in military
garb, or perhaps private security guards borrowing police uniforms – it's
never easy to tell – are vigilant at grocery stores, Dunkin Donuts, and
banks, as well as rural communities. Where do these armed forces get their
funding? You guessed it, your wallet.

Of all security funds pouring into Central America from Washington, 52% go
to Honduras' highly corrupt and repressive post-coup military outfit.
Since the military coup d'etat on June 28, 2009, which was condoned and
forgotten by the U.S. government, over 400 Hondurans have been targeted





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