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Belgium: Activists Block Gates Of Detention Center

  • Posted on: 27 October 2008
  • By: pirate

Oct. 26, 2008 Seattle Indymedia

Belgian activists block the gates of the closed detention centre of Vottem in Belgium

Illegality, Arrestation, Deportation, …. NOT in our name!

The 25th of October 2008 a group of over 70 activists blocked the
gates of the closed detention centrum in Vottem (Liège, Belgium). That
Day similar direct actions ware executed in Danmark and Holland in
solidarity with the detained refugees and other people without papers.

In Vottem the 4 external and 2 internal Gates were blocked by
people in lock-on devices. From 7:00 pm until 3 a.m. no vehicle could


Parallel migration forum in Manila kicks off with protest

  • Posted on: 22 October 2008
  • By: pirate

Oct. 22, 2008

MANILA, Philippines- Foreign and local participants of the People’s Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights kicked of the event on Wednesday with a protest rally in Manila against the lack of protection for migrants worldwide.

A GMA News report aired over QTV’s Balitanghali said the
activists rallied at the Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate even as the
Manila City government revoked their permit to stage the event there.

With the theme,"Migrant workers are human beings, not commodities," the

Thousands Protest Against "Fortress Europe" in Paris

  • Posted on: 19 October 2008
  • By: pirate

Deutsche Welle Oct. 19, 2008

Several thousand people took to the streets of France's capital to protest against sweeping new immigration guidelines agreed by EU leaders as the British government warned of tougher entry restrictions.

Immigration as an economic issue is exercising governments across Europe with unemployment set to rise as recession threatens in the fallout from the global financial crisis.

French demonstrators unfurled a banner proclaiming "Bridges, not walls" at the Paris rally. Other signs that read: "We are all immigrant children" and "Detention centers are lawless places, a state secret."