Culture Change presents a series of five new articles on critical questions for our times

  • Posted on: 2 December 2011
  • By: rick

How can we get through the mounting crises, ecological and economic, in a time of political conflict and confusion? We believe we provide solid, unique answers, based on reaction so far to these articles:

Good News for Mother Earth and You: When Our Division Is Over
by Jan Lundberg
" may be convinced we have already sealed our fate and that humans may well go extinct possibly in a matter of decades, tracking the worst potential climate chaos. So why bother to hang around and breathe out your carbon dioxide?"

The Challenge of Unity Amidst Economic Crisis and the End of Growth
by Jan Lundberg
"An error of the Occupy movement might come back to haunt us all after possible short-term victories. Identifying and vilifying the extremely wealthy class is not a solution in itself."

Erasing/Seizing Wealth of "The 1%" Cannot Create Viable Middle Class or Solve Sustainability Crisis
by Jan Lundberg
"Global greenhouse gas emissions are unabated, and climate scientists are now saying that turning the warming trend around is probably not possible. So, how can redistributing the pie of consumption solve anything, unless an accompanying lifestyle change and massive tree planting take over?"

Update from DC: Occupy, pepperspray, peak oil, sail power, Congress
by Jan Lundberg
Greetings from the U.S. capital, variously occupied.

How bad or hopeful is our situation as a culture and species?
by Jan Lundberg
Publisher's note: On the occasion of The 2011 International Conference on Sustainability, Transition & Culture Change: Vision, Action, Leadership, which was held at a retreat east of Traverse City, Michigan a few days ago, I provided the following essay in the spirit of the conference's explorations. I had to cancel my speaking engagement for the conference, due to new commitments on the East Coast, but the essay went in my place. - JL