Fight back against budget cuts!

  • Posted on: 3 November 2010
  • By: radicalwomen

Fight back against budget cuts!

Everyone is invited to bring ideas on what’s next in the ongoing struggle to retain needed social services, health care and quality education.

With city and county budgets calling for cuts in services, rate hikes and lay offs, a militant community response is needed. Working people can’t take another round of shredding the safety net, losing jobs or paying more out of pocket taxes.

The economic crisis is not going away, and the politicians propose either more cuts or more regressive taxes. Unbelievable! It’s time to make the bosses pay for the crisis they created.

The meeting is free; snacks and beverages are available for a modest donation.

Thursday, November 11, 7pm
5018 Rainier Ave S., Seattle (4 blocks south of Alaska St. on the #7 bus line)

Sisters Organize for Survival (SOS), a grassroots campaign of Radical Women
Contact SOS for more information, to get involved in community organizing, or attend budget hearings!