"Dear Afghanistan:” A New Year's Call for Peace

“Dear Afghanistan:” A New Year’s Call for Peace

While the US may be the world's single super power in military terms, it faces another super power: the voices of war-weary millions who detest violence and killing. In Afghanistan, in the United States, and among the populations of countries whose governments have joined the NATO coalition, millions of people are calling for an end to war in Afghanistan.

This FRIDAY DECEMBER 31 and SATURDAY JANUARY 1 we have a special opportunity to talk with peace-oriented people in Afghanistan by telephone wherever you are – AND ALSO by a computer link that will be set up at Traditions Café (5th & Water in downtown Olympia).



No More Deaths Spring Break 2011 invitation

Dear friends of No More Deaths,

Please share this email and information with anyone you think might be interested.

We are finalizing our plans for the No More Deaths 2011 Spring Break program and hope that you will be able to participate.
Spring Break 2011 announcement and sign-up form (http://tinyurl.com/nmdspringbreak2011)
Your help in alleviating death and suffering in the desert is needed more now than ever. More bodies of undocumented people have been found this year than have ever before been recorded and the recent elections have put increasingly hateful legislation on the table, jeopardizing the everyday lives of many people living in the United States. The defeat of the DREAM Act and of comprehensive reform requires dramatic action.





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