Green Economics: A Series of Community Gatherings on the Ongoing Economic Crisis

  • Posted on: 24 February 2010
  • By: Berd

Green Economy: A Series of Community Gatherings - Sponsored by the Green Party of South Puget Sound (GPSPS), February, March, and April 2010
We will host a series of community discussions, each one preceded by an informative meeting, on the causes of the economic crisis and a variety of proposals to deal with it. The 12-part series will occur on a variety of days
(both weeknights and weekend days) over a period of 9 weeks from approximately mid-February to late April. The topics will flow logically from one session to the next to create a comprehensive series, but each session will also stand alone so you can participate in those that suit your schedule.

This Green Economics series will include films, speakers, panels, and a great many sources of information that you can read to prepare for the discussions. These information sources will include websites and a variety of articles that will be posted on this website before the series begins.

Click for a SCHEDULE OF EVENTS connected to each topic.

Click to bring up background readings for each topic:

  • Topic One: The mania for endless “growth” vs. our world of limited resources
  • Topic Two: The economic woes of ordinary citizens
  • Topic Three: Wall Street Casino running amok
  • Topic Four: Reforming the current system
  • Topic Five: Creating a sustainable society – including local, existing, and creative alternatives
  • Topic Six: Where Do We Go from Here? Organizing around anything we’ve discussed during this series

more information: Green Party of South Puget Sound

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