Inmates Protest, Make Demands

  • Posted on: 19 March 2007
  • By: pirate

WNYC Newsroom

NEW YORK, NY March 19, 2007 —A peaceful protest staged by dozens of inmates at the Monmouth County Jail has come to an end. Officials said 132 people being temporarily housed there while awaiting hearings on federal immigration matters had refused to eat for several hours yesterday and wouldn't participate in activities.

Among their demands were more food at meals, more Spanish-speaking officers and to have a broken television set repaired. But Under Sheriff Ted Freeman, a jail spokesman, says the protest ended after the Immigration and Customs Enforcement inmates discussed their concerns with the warden.

Freeman didn't expect food servings to change, saying all inmates get three meals a day for 3400 calories, the diet recommended by a nutritionist with the jail's food-service company. Freeman didn't know how the request for more Spanish-speaking officers would be resolved. But he says the broken TV was replaced.