KOWA Meeting Notes May 30th 2011

Here's the meeting notes as taken. Really, I think this is about how our meeting went:

"everything that every human does, we're all in this together... even secret people guys from the military, or weird secret society groups, the only way we're going to ave any solidary is by realizing we're all in this together. I love every single thing that you guys are doing, but i love you guys i love y ou i love you i love you, i love you more than i love myself. I love you I...(trails off into distance)"

Arland --"Bottom baseline is now a phone line!"

Keeping the content as Public Service and Community Billboard oriented


Keeping the Sound down to combat noise complaints


We don't have fast enough editing equiptment

What content do people want? Doc has been here everyday. We need more input on content and programming.

We're not a venue.

Making a soundproofing closet enterance. And carpeting the floor.

"we need an on-air LIGHT" - Landon.

Aarland " Lets have a movie night and do a fundraiser!"

Can we play Waking life?

"I'm really interested in having a volunteer coordinator system as opposed to a volunteer coordinator person, people are hard to hold onto for an extended period of time and if a functioning volunteer

"how about a list of things for volunteers to do on a table. "

"a volunteer orientation station!!! that could educate people about everything"
"and people like to vounteer their highest skills"
"if people know how to jack up fountations... they'll start leveling beams and straighten things out."


And more!!!!


Radio proposal Forms!!!