meeting notes from 10/26/10

- Agenda
- Intros
- Democritus - 2 Minutes
- Volunteer Sign Up - 7 minutes
- Structural Things - 15 Minutes
- BDS Movement - 5 Minutes
- Free Skool - 7 Minutes
- Pila's Cart/KOWA - 5 Minutes
- Donation Solicitations - 2 Minutes
- Democritus
- Asked about using the kitchen. Wanted to occasionally make food.
Max said that the kitchen should be primarily for the Care Takers
and groups meeting or having events at Media Island. However,
making tea and coffee is encouraged.
- Asked about mail from district attorney's going to the Media
Island PO Box. It was decided that it's okay to use the PO Box
occasionally, but the mail being delivered to Democritus may be
delayed by several to 7 days depending on when it's picked up.
- Volunteer Sign Up
- Someone is interested in volunteering. Charlotte is suggesting a
reward system and a volunteer sign up with shifts. Max is
suggesting a structure consisting of weekly volunteer meetings
with subcommittee meetings.
- Structural Things
- Bruce has some ideas. Wanted to print something, but the printer
was not working. Printer not working is unfortunate. Bruce wants
to brainstorm new ways to get more volunteers into the
organization. Not just volunteers to work on the house but work
on the organization itself. This summer Bruce came up with a list
of themes that basically broad categories encompassing most
progressive, single issue topics.
- Bruce is suggesting: Sundays, Peace and Health and Food Systems;
Mondays, Worker's and Labor; Tuesdays, Indigenous; Wednesdays,
End Empire; Thursdays, Deep Democracy; Fridays, Womyn and LGBTQ;
Saturdays, Environmental Justice
- Basically, there will be theme days and people can or may be more
inspired to do work on those days. It could be useful for events,
meetings, radio station and website updates. This can encourage
better networking for groups.
- Tom thinks that this may not work for the generic volunteer.
- Max is proposing general volunteer meetings with subcommittees.
- Charlotte envisioned theme days as weekly.
- Caucuses combine Bruce and Max's ideas together.
- Asking groups to participate in posting materials to the MII
- Offering a single radio show, special occasion to groups working
on activism, radio interviews.
- Volunteer Meeting Tuesday at 5 on the 9th.
- Rick will find out about the lists.
- Max will bring the volunteer material to the next meeting.
- BDS Movement
- How can we be supportive?
- Bruce is writing an article.
- Max is trying to get Anarchists Against the Wall.
- We should ask how we can support them.
- We should ask for movie recommendations.
- Free Skool
- Meeting here. Everyone likes this!
- Talk to Beth at Traditions.
* Rick, Bruce, Charlotte and Tom wanna be added to the list.
- Donation Solicitations
- Making stuff and for certain donation amounts people get certain
things. For example, $20 gets you a Media Island shirt. $30 gets
you a shirt and a tote bag.
- Screen printing, silkscreening and stencils are fun! Let's make
- We should have our own screens and supplies.
- Pilah's Cart/KOWA
- Pilah wants to have a cart and he wants KOWA to have 30%
- There needs to be more discussion on the cart. Non-profits can't
be apart of for profit business ventures. We need to see what
this mean and possibly how to go about this.
- Rick wonders if something like this would be set up how involved
would we have to be with the paperwork. Rick is not arguing
against this, we need to see what this entails.
- Basically, we need more information.
- Pilah needs to have a menu for the KOWA meeting. It's going to be
local foods.