MII Meeting August 24th 2010

Present: Dean, Bruce, Sierra, Gene, Tom, Rick, Carol

Presentation of Media Island resources

Promotion of event

Fundraising packet


Fundraising packet

Carol has a question about the fundraising packet and talked about using the packet as a guide. We discussed coming to the spokescouncil meetings to discuss fundraising ideas. Carol said that she would be open to meet separately to organize fundraising events.

Presentation of Media Island resources (brainstorming)

Simpson / Green Diamond will be providing the equivalent of two logging truck loads of wood chips to power the TESC biofuel plant. Dean is working on educating Evergreen students about what is going on in the community and giving them more material to read for inspiration to take action. Works in Progress plans to run an article on the Evergreen plant. The schedule will be next summer for building the biofuel plant. Rising Tide is working to organize for student involvement before school begins.

Other ideas are: cuts to higher education; stopping the tar sands from Alberta; Palestine issue; Port militarization issue; Deschutes estuary restoration team work; Latin America solidarity work; Bio-char discoveries and recent material on bio-char processe;

Rick has a tally of organizations that we fiscally sponsor. Dean will talk with Rick more about getting information.

Bruce has a grant proposal that is due on October 1.

We discussed putting out material for orientation week at Evergreen. Rick talked about meeting with students in their student groups. In the past we have connected with EPIC, ERC, Infoshop, LASO, and Native Student Alliance. We could continue to reach out to these groups.


The van needs maintenance investment to the tune of about $ 500.00 plus mechanical labor. Bruce was late paying this month's insurance, which has increased by $ 100.00, because of a blemish on Wally's record. Chris from Catridge Care donated the van. The deadline for paying the insurance is the 31st August. Bruce proposes that we organize to raise money to maintain the van. We discussed the transportation options, including private carpooling and the large school bus.

The van needs to be kept for three months before we could sell it because of rules around donations.

Promotion of event

Report back for the U. S. Social Forum will be the 29th of August from 7 - 10 PM at Fertile Ground Guest House.

Labor Day event

Bruce is organizing a house party music event and needs a site for the event.

Caretaker issue

We discussed the caretaker position.

Meeting adjourned