MII Meeting notes Aug 31st 2010

Sept 21st Heritage Park International Day of Peace event

Afghan Youth Volunteers For Peace / International Day of Peace
participating in international conversarions by skype.from base of Bhudda mtn.Bamyan(?) Kathy Kelly etc. involved
Friends Without borders started out of CA in 2001 was effort to get youth cross-border dialogue
current effort is to expand on efforts of Afghan Youth to bring remembrance of horrors of Afghan situation
Terry Zander suggests showing Our Journey to Smile video during event at Heritage park.
Park will be divided into continents of the world with chalk? Lime?
Vigil will be going on. Death makers will be replaced with peace flags
Conversations will be scheduled, youth from area will be invited.
3 banners will be produced, One goes to Afghanistan and one to
144 flags in different languages saying "peace"
Some sort of photo shoot will be planned attempting to capture landscape we create
Music component will draw youth Michael Franti, Sting
-We need to get banners and windsocks out of Procession studio-Eli is out of town
-Media Island website will be used for this event:

(Pakistan floods are being ignored in US. Danny Kelly wants to do a benefit )