Peaceful Protest Staged To End Caledonia Occupation

  • Posted on: 3 May 2007
  • By: pirate

May 3, 2007

Danielle Godard

Toronto, ON (AHN) - A convoy of about 100 residents from Caledonia drove their cars slowly to Queens Park where they protested all Wednesday against the stall in land-dispute talks in their hometown.

"Caledonians will no longer be silenced," said resident and protest organizer Dan Roberts in an address to his crowd of supporters on the Queens Park lawn.

Though Ontario does not control the current negotiations between the Six Nations natives and the government, the protesters focused their blame on the premier and his government.

"Premier (Dalton) McGuinty, you can run, you can duck but you're not going to hide from Caledonia," said Roberts.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister for Ontario David Ramsay was sympathetic to their cause but said his hands are tied.

Any solution will apparently have to come from Ottawa, not Toronto.

The crowd of residents from the small Ontario town near Hamilton is tired of the issue between native groups and the government, which has resulted in a 15-month-long native protest and blockade at a building site. The troupe said they might visit Ottawa shortly.