Port Militarization Resistance: Take 18!

  • Posted on: 15 October 2009
  • By: wildleaf

PMR is up and active again because the Strikers are expected to return around the October 18-22 through Tacoma. I missed the recent meeting but if you've been to one before you know the drill. It's exciting, intense and never particularly well organized. Which might be why it survives as being one of the most unique parts of the culture of Olympia.

Indy media get ready for some raw footage of young people getting halled away by police dressed like storm troopers while large military vehicles loom in the background? Mainstream media get ready to criticize people standing up for what is obviously right if you cover anything at all?

If you've never participated before, don't worry, it is real simple. Gather a car full of your friends make a few signs and head to Fort Lewis exit 22 at Freedom Bridge. The strikers come at night but you can protest all day. Find parking and if you feel like coffee or info go to Coffee Strong, the GI Voice coffee house about two blocks from the front gates on the main strip.

There is plenty of things to make signs about. May I suggest, "End the war! It's losing ratings on CNN!" You could also talk about the two prisoners of conscience being held in the barracks of Fort Lewis who are being treated like shit. You could talk about the 1.2 million Iraqis killed and the... crap! How many Afghanis killed? 

If you are up for more action, get yourself arrested! There are a variety of ways to do that and some come with heavier sentences then others. Remember you get charged the same no matter if you are effective at blocking strikers or uneffective so make them have to twist your arm to get you to move. I'm not planning on getting arrested because of some personal reasons but I'll come see you at court!

Everyone who participates in PMR is paranoid, myself included, some more debilitatingly than other. There are meetings individuals can attend and there will be carpools from the well at certain times. Some people may organize a peaceful rally under the generally respected rule that tactics and times are to be seperated and respected. Meaning family friendly time is not the appropriate time to build a barricade.

I will probably be out there one night next week maybe two and I encourage everyone to try and make it for one event. Think about the soldiers who hate these wars but are forced to go. Think about the US troops who die. Think about the many many more who come back physically changed and mentally damaged. Think equally if not more about the horrified middle easterners who have been murdered and seen the fabric of their lives and families and traditions disappear. This has got to end and Obama "the Peace Prize Winner," won't do it.

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