[David Rovics] Report from Cop-enhagen

  • Posted on: 15 December 2009
  • By: rick

The signs up all over the airport and various places elsewhere in town
are calling it Hopenhagen, but everybody I know is calling it
Cop-enhagen, which seems far more appropriate. The international media
has been giving this lots of coverage, and rightly so. Of course much
of the media is unable to walk and chew gum at the same time, so other
things, such as the reason the protests are happening in the first
place, can get lost.

Inside the Bella Center lots of stuff is going on. Namely the US,
Australia and others leading the way in making sure nothing meaningful
takes place there, while many other delegates and activists within try
to make the best of it, or at least make the effort to thoroughly


Italy Convicts Former CIA Agents in Renditions Trial

  • Posted on: 4 November 2009
  • By: rick
MILAN - An Italian judge sentenced 23 former CIA agents to up to eight
years in prison Wednesday for the abduction of a Muslim cleric in a
symbolic ruling against "rendition" flights used by the former U.S.

Americans were all tried in absentia after the United States refused to


UK protestors say "No Deportations to Iraq!"

  • Posted on: 24 October 2009
  • By: wildleaf

No Deportations to Iraq
Release the Hunger Strikers Now

Demonstrate at the Home Office
2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF
Nearest tubes: Westminster, Victoria

Monday, 26th Oct, 4:30-6:30pm

Iraqi refugees locked up in Brook House and Colnbrook detention centres are on hunger strike since Monday, 19th  October, to protest against their inhumane treatment and  demand their immediate release. The hunger strikers include some of those who were forcibly deported to Baghdad in the first mass deportation to southern Iraq last week but were returned to the UK after the Iraqi authorities refused to accept them, as well as some who have just been given 'removal directions' to Iraqi Kurdistan (northern

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