Bill Moyers Keynote Speech at the National Conferance for Media Reform

  • Posted on: 8 June 2008
  • By: rafael

I really enjoyed this speech. Moyers ranges over topics from the alarming shrinkage in daily papers' new sections (replaced by "advertisements, celebraties, nonsense and propaganda") to the future of the internet, the state of democracy, and the importance of the growing media reform movement. Watch it if you've got the time!

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shawl society's deb abrahamson speaks out about uranium mining on tribal lands in washington state

  • Posted on: 26 November 2007
  • By: rick

"Many of the women who contracted cancer were the mothers, the aunties, and the sisters. They cleaned the clothes for their sons, brothers, and husbands who went to work in the mines. A lot of the time people were doing double shifts at the mine sites, so people would come home after 16 hours of work and literally take their coats off and fall asleep, not change their clothing or anything."
– Deb Abrahamson