MII meeting March 9 2010

Media Island International Weeklly Meeting Minutes   Tuesday, March 9th 2010

Present: Chris, David, D., Rick, Tom

Agenda:  Food Not Bombs; House Issue;  Housing for Landen;  David May's proposal,  March 14th event;  Media Island library

Food Not Bombs

We discussed the Food Not Bombs program.  They are behind on their $ 10.00 per month fee. We discussed relations with Food Not Bombs.

House Issues

We discussed issues of residency and maintenance of the house.  We discussed using the carpet matting for the radio studio.


How can we be in Solidarity with Honduran Resistance?

How do we build solidarity with Honduras? They are facing a long struggle. The coup government wants the election to be recognized and the conflict to seem over internationally. However the people are demanding more! They want a new constitution or at least some reform for now. What can we do in the US to be in solidarity with that struggle?