Resource & Networking Center


At MII’s resource & networking center we provide tools to make individuals voices heard, & resources to strengthen that voice.


We understand that peoples access to information is limited by corporate ownership and control of most communication outlets. MII is dedicated to providing access to alternative media and first-hand sources of information regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Interview with Rosa Clemente at KOWA Studios
Meeting Space


We hold space for progressive meetings, workshops, and events where people gather to discuss and educate themselves and each other so together they can find their own solutions. We have enough room for 10–40 people, depending on the shape of the gig, and have a community kitchen available too. We also co-host Benefit Brunches for different local non-profits. Check our website for availability and guidelines.

816 Adams St. SE,

across the street from our buddies

at the downtown Olympia Library.

KOWA 106.5 FM

LPFM Radio Station


MII obtained one of the 50 out of 500 Low Power FM (LPFM) Radio licenses granted in 1999 by the FCC that were for actual grassroots community radio.  The other 450 went to religious stations.  KOWA has been on the air pretty consistently for 13 years, serving Olympia with public affairs programming 24/7.


We invite your participation.

Library / Archives


We operate a Pro-Active Library, and this cultural center has an issue-based research archive that holds materials produced over three decades of international social justice campaigning.



We are seeking engaged volunteers, organizational partnerships, students for Internships & work study, PhD researchers, Investigative Reporters, and people completing community service hours. We encourage anyone interested to plug-in, share & thrive with us!   

Our Women’s Focus


MII recognizes the paradigm shift embodied in the global fight for women’s equality. 

Feminist perspective is imperative, 

and we see ourselves as a strong part of helping that shift occur in our lifetimes. 

Students / Youth Focus


We offer space for, & partner with, youth organizations to do workshops and other activities that have youth empowerment as their mission. Over the years, we’ve worked with many students via internships and learning contracts, as volunteers, and with faculty & classes at the area colleges and high schools.

Organizational Support/Partnerships


We partner with local organizations such as:

Women of Color in Leadership Movement, YouthSound, Old Growth Poetry Collective, CYS/Bridge, MPower, GRUB, The CCBLA at TESC, Works In Progress, TCTV & others.

Fiscal Sponsorship


We offer our “Fiscal Umbrella” to projects and organizations which need fiscal sponsorship to receive grant funding and philanthropic donations from foundations and others who require a 501(c)(3) tax deduction. We usually support from 5 to 15 projects who share our values each year.  

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