Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups - typically projects - engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization's mission.

Below is a list of the projects Media Island Sponsored for fiscal year 2016,

and below that a description of their work:



Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Democracy Now!


Forest Policy Research


Indigenous Cultural Concepts


KOWA 106.5 LPFM for Olympia


Living The Dream


Media Island International Library


Music Mentors


Rising Tide North America


The Women of Color in Leadership Movement


Tikun Olam


Womens March Washington     



Other Current Projects and groups and organizations have received approval for Fiscal Sponsorship from Media Island, and have not yet moved funds through our organization.

     These include:

              The Old Growth Poetry Collective

              The Byrd Foundation for Research and Education In African Culture

              The LawGen Project

Over the years, MII has sponsored dozens of projects. 

A list by year of these are coming soon to this webpage.

$ Dollar amounts are for fiscal year 2016



5.   $5,209                                         BLACK MESA INDIGENOUS SUPPORT                             (

Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) is a request-based solidarity organization consisting of all volunteers that provides direct on-land support to Low income Dineh (Navajo) communities of Black Mesa, AZ who live generally within the borders of the Hopi Partitioned Lands. Work involves taking assistance to elders and families of Navajo and Hopi people impacted by the forced relocation under Public Law 93-531. They serve a community of approximately 1,000. Activities are year round, with one large gathering and wood run each year.

2016 also saw funds spent on families buying their sheep back from the Hopi Government due to illegal livestock impoundments, a Spring Gathering, and spending some funds on travel costs for youth to conferences. The wood run in 2016 provided several families with one cord of wood each. Here is how the funds were utilized: Livestock impoundments $1,500; Funerals and illnesses $1,000; On the land Gatherings (Fall wood run) $600; Wood $500; Home repairs $500; Native youth projects; $500; Gas reimbursements $209; On land meetings $200; Travel cost to conferences/meetings $200.





12.   $368                                         DEMOCRACY NOW!                                                               (

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning international news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. MII’s involvement with the Democracy Now! project is focused on keeping the program on TCTV, Olympia's Public Access TV channel in Washington’s State Capitol. We fund-raise annually from a few key supporters to cover the needed satellite and subscription costs of the program, having raised more than $2400 over 6 years to keep this resource working to inform the local community.





6.   $2,760                                         FOREST POLICY RESEARCH                                                (

Forest Policy Research (FPR) is an information clearinghouse news service dedicated to facilitating the networking, recruiting and sharing of skills among environmental activists and focused on forest policy internationally, creating a global communication infrastructure of forest advocates who are tracking and reporting forest issues from every country in the world.  Project coordinator Deane Rimerman first created the database of 15,000 articles in the form of 500 newsletters, each 20 pages long, from April 2005 to July 2009.

Forest Policy Research (FPR) received its final funding via Media Island fiscal sponsorship, in fiscal year 2016, in the amount of $2760. Approximately $2k was spent on office rent and the remaining $760 of this money was spent on computer and office supplies as well as reimbursement for gas and travel expenses. Currently FPR has shut down in order to reorganize itself as an ebook and a real book publishing company, which will eventually be producing educational literature about deep ecology and forestry as relates to inspiring personal health, home health, garden health, neighborhood health, bioregional and global health. 





2.   $40,850                                          INDIGENOUS CULTURAL CONCEPTS                           (

Indigenous Cultural Concepts (ICC) is an organization which promotes traditional Indigenous knowledge, educates about cultural imperatives to help protect the earth and future generations.  Louise Benally is the Director of ICC and is a Grandmother, Mother, farmer, rancher, traditional counselor, advisor, herbalist, environmental and human rights defender, health educator, permaculture teacher, cultural consultant and Dineh translator. Since the 1970’s, Louise and her family have been resisting relocation and coal mining at Big Mountain on Black Mesa. During 2016 she & many traditional people ICC has supported have traveled to and presented at dozens of local, national & international gatherings as well as being a part of frontline struggles with communities in Indian country. 

Funds were expended conducting the following activities:

ICC has built & nurtured partnerships with several groups including the Community Organizing Patient Empowerment, a health

project focusing on healthy food and water; the Native Organizers Alliance, a national network; the Notah Begay III foundation (NB3), which is a community empowerment project nationwide for healthy communities; Waters Connect Us, Moccasins on the Ground, and Red Warrior Camp which worked helping communities with water testing skills. Skills for testing water is greatly needed in the communities where there is mining, hydraulic fracking, and abandoned mines. This along with a water survey which is to help identify communities that will need drinking water filters for homes from uranium, coal and other toxins in local drinking waters on the greater Navajo Nation. Also over the last year we were able to start helping young families with small home repairs and weatherization as well. We have been teaching our younger

generation about traditional perspectives and concepts on a large scale. It has been a very humbling experience for us, and very empowering for the younger generations, especially understanding and doing the actual re-connecting with nature through prayers and offerings to different elements. In the fall and winter of 2016, we have helped support the resistance at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation with spiritual ceremonials. We assisted 30 youth supporters to go to Standing Rock from our region, many are now still going back for charges filed against them by the corrupt state. Also, we were able to send firewood, supplies, and legal support.





11.   $446                                               KOWA 106.5 LPFM                                                             (

106.5 KOWA FM Radio is a fully licensed low power FM radio station serving Olympia, WA. Founded by Media Island International, KOWA is a non-profit radio station whose mission is to give voice to individuals, organizations and movements working for gender, racial, and social justice, economic democracy, ecological sustainability and peace. KOWA is a Pacifica Network affiliate and airs many amazing programs from across the country including the daily news programs Democracy Now!, Hard Knock Radio, Uprising, Sojourner Truth, the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Alternative Radio, Native America Calling, and others.  2016 funds were used to cover costs of studio equipment upgrades and maintenance.




8.   $1005                                               LIVING THE DREAM - DISABILITY ROCKS                  (

Living The Dream (LTD) ~ Disability Rocks has a mission to bring a new face, image and outlook for people with disabilities that will hopefully influence others too. Dylan Kuehl is the new face of Downs syndrome and he has influenced the world around disability awareness along with the issue of inclusion. Dylan’s personal mission and that of the band, is to 'Heal the World with Music and Dance', to advocate and bring awareness to the ABILITIES of people with disabilities, and for them to feel included and be seen as valued members of the community. When they perform, people change. The band as it was, has also changed. As of this year, the group will no longer need to use MII’s non-profit status. LTD closed their bank account shortly after the beginning of this fiscal year, and allocated the remaining funds (the 2016 grant) in these ways: $500.00 Donation to Rhythm Fire School of Music and Performance to be used for student scholarships for students in need of help; $300.00 Practice rehearsal fee; $200.00 Donation to Childhood Diabetes; $5 misc. advertisement fees.




10.   $235                                                 MEDIA ISLAND INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY              (

Media Island International maintains a Pro-Active Library and resource center located in downtown Olympia, Washington's state capitol. Books, magazines, journals, video and audio tapes, electronic files as well as hard copy files of documents and posters, flyers and other items are maintained for public use on premises.  The library specializes in alternative magazines and resource books on subjects relating to the organization's mission, including Indigenous cultural survival, human and civil rights, international law, women's issues, racial inequality, civil rights of all kinds, civic participation in political and social issues, democracy of the media, as well as economic justice and ecological integrity.  2016 funds were spent on acquisitions.




4.   $ 11,797                                              MUSIC MENTORS                                                             (

Music Mentors  This unique project involves developing an educator’s workbook for use in youth problem gambling, substance abuse and suicide prevention that includes tribal youth created music prevention songs. The curriculum supports youth health promotion and prevention, through songs and stories created by tribal youth for their peers, schools and communities. Counselors and educators working with youth and adults will be able to incorporate engaging lesson plans accompanied by music for health promotion and addiction prevention. This tribal youth created curriculum will feature recordings from Mescalero tribal Youth and North West tribal youth songs.

Funds are being used to develop prevention curriculum during the winter of 2017 and published and launched in the spring of 2017. We will collaborate with Mescalero responsible gaming program director Shannon Dictson in the workbook and music curriculum development. Other partners include the Niqually Tribe, Snoqualmie Tribe and the Chehalis Tribe (in Washington State.)

Music Mentors Academies have been created by this project, and are innovative music residency programs that promote culture, health and help prevent addiction with diverse and tribal youth. Over 500 youth from Western American Indian tribes have graduated from music mentor training's.




3.   $23,808                                               RISING TIDE NORTH AMERICA                                     (

Rising Tide North America (RTNA) is an international, all-volunteer, grassroots network of groups and individuals who organize locally, promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis and take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change.  RTNA organizes through a decentralized network of local chapters that support one another with shared resources, ideas, fundraising, training and advocacy of the corporate and political sectors. RTNA has participated in campaigns on fracking, tar sands pipelines, Arctic drilling and coal mining. Their work during 2016 included grassroots community organizing in dozens of different cities, regions and communities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, publishing educational materials, organizing many creative actions and peaceful protests, and holding over 50 public education events in order to further the struggle for climate justice.

Funds raised through grants to Rising Tide were used to maintain the organization's brand through communications and web identity and provide local groups with microgrants for travel, training and food.  RTNA is geographically dispersed through North America and funds were also used to transport members to twice a year planning meetings. Particularly, the funds in 2016 were used to support trainers traveling to Standing Rock, among other matters. Of the $24,000 breakdown is as follows: $18,000 travel, $2500 supplies, $2000 food, $500 venues, rental etc., $500 postage, $500 miscellaneous.



9.   $525                                                  THE WOMEN OF COLOR IN LEADERSHIP MOVEMENT     (

The Women of Color in Leadership Movement (WCLM) has been active since 2015, and incorporated as a Washington State non-profit organization in 2017. Within that short time they were able to accomplish many of their goals for the year that helped build their foundational roots. Funds were spent to support monthly group meetings, and send a few of the members to lectures and local workshops.

WCLM has partnered with several community organizations, such as Community Youth Services, The Evergreen State College (CCBLA Community Based Learning and Action), Youth Sound, and Fertile Ground. Plans are to have guest speakers come share their knowledge with the greater community, and provide tools to move forward with the groups aspirations. These include Dr. Joy Degruy, author of Post- Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Tim Wise, spokesperson and activist on racial issues, and Sweetwater Nannauck, a native spiritual activist who works with Idle No More. They will address many of the issues around race, class, and gender, as well as the effects of colonization on Black and Brown peoples. WCLM is also planning to send a group of the women to conferences and workshops statewide, helping foster their resiliency tools and making international connections to help build their global network.




7.   $1,555                                                   TIKUN OLAM                                                                      (

Tikun Olam is a blog and social media platform dedicated to reporting about Israel national security issues, including Israel’s relations with the Arab world and the U.S. It utilizes Israeli sources to report stories that are under Israeli judicial gag order or military censorship. It often reports stories that cannot be published inside Israel and often not known or reported by foreign media. Tikun Olam’s reporting led to Richard Silverstein becoming a regular contributor to Middle East Eye, a UK publication specializing in reports on Middle East affairs. Tikun Olam broke many stories in the past year, including: Israel’s Shin Bet secretly arrested United Nations employees and accused them of using their NGO status to aid Hamas. Such arrests are often couched as national security matters, when they’re actually meant to intimidate and harm humanitarian efforts in Gaza; Accusations of sexual abuse by rabbis, judges, professors, and other officials are often gagged by the Israeli court system; Israel’s military censor reported in a media conference that she “looks forward to meeting me some day.” The implication was that she would like to see Richard either in an Israeli interrogation room or jail cell; Profile of Israel’s military censor and the censorship process, including the news that a military censor sits in the newsroom of every Israeli TV station and censors every military-intelligence story reported; Israeli collaboration with the Syrian Islamist group, al-Nusra, an affiliate of al Qaeda, which includes maintaining camps for families of Islamist fighters, military aid and intelligence sharing, and IDF commandos making regular forays into Syrian territory. Israel’s alliance with Islamists is rarely, if ever reported by the media and never acknowledged by Israel officially; IDF massacres of Egyptian troops during both the 1956 and 1967 wars. Many of these stories were censored inside Israel.  This reporting opened Israel to these important issues concerning war crimes committed by Israeli forces; Israeli medical malpractice, including the murder of Yemenite children in the 1950s as a result of racist medical experimentation. The National Institutes of Health funded some of the experiments with a $1-million grant. This had never been reported outside Israel.




1.    $132,413                                              WOMENS MARCH WASHINGTON STATE

Womens March Washington State (WMW) The Women's March 2017 was a worldwide protest on January 21, 2017, to advocate legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues, including women's rights. It was the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. Worldwide participation has been estimated at five million. At least 408 marches were held in the U.S. and 168 in 81 other countries. The Women's March crowds in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and Seattle, had an estimated combined total of two million people marching.

There were 50 state organizations in the US, and Media Island International was asked to fiscally sponsor the WA State branch of the national movement. WMW had expenses for 4 marches (Bellingham, Olympia, Seattle, and Spokane) and paid for signs, fliers, permits and other printing needs. They also paid for Honey Buckets for Seattle and Olympia. Each city group had to pay a minimal fee to their cities for the police presence and other incidentals. Spokane's expenses included the venue which was the Spokane Convention Center. Seattle expenses included stages, blockades, EMT's on bikes and buses for park and ride for the volunteers. 

In terms of people the project served, here are approximations of numbers of attendees around the state from media sources: Seattle: 175,000 – (The Women's March on Seattle march Participants filled the entire length of the 3.6-mile (5.8 km) route from Judkins Park to the Space Needle in Seattle); Olympia:10,000; Spokane: 8,000; Bellingham: 7,500; Walla Walla: 2,000; Wenatchee: 2,000; Anacortes: 1,200; Friday Harbor: 1,500; Langley: 1,500; Yakima: 850; Richland: 1,000; Twisp: 800; Chelan: 450; Port Townsend: 300; Ephrata: 250; Eastsound: 250; Vashon: 250; Longview: 200; Port Angeles: 200; Mount Vernon: 200; Vancouver: 150; Ocean Shores: 150; Sequim: 100; & less than 100 folks showing up in the communities of Issaquah, Kingston, Forks, & Bainbridge Island.                  

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